Inside Slant: 'Dead money' totals

Last week, we caught up on the concept of "carryover" salary-cap figures, which allows NFL teams to push surplus space from one year to the next. Now, let's take a look at "dead money" for each team.

The term refers to the amount of space consumed by players no longer on the roster, whether they retired, were released or traded. All teams have some and most have learned how to avoid debilitating figures, but as the chart via ESPN's Roster Management System shows, there are five teams with at least $10 million in dead money.

The best way to think of that deficit is to subtract it from the team's adjusted cap number. Say a team has an adjusted figure of $130 million ($128 million cap plus $2 million in carryover) and $10 million in dead money. That team must fit its top 51 contracts into $120 million worth of space ($10 million subtracted from $130 million).

You'll see that the Carolina Panthers have an NFL-high $17.8 million in dead money, in part because they traded linebacker Jon Beason last season. Beason will count $8 million toward the Panthers' 2014 salary cap.

The chart is sorted by dead money, highest to lowest. The figures will change in the coming weeks as teams continue to adjust their rosters. You'll also see updated team-by-team salary-cap space (not counting carryover) as of Monday.