Texans don't commit to releasing Schaub

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Texans are absolutely looking for a quarterback in this year's draft (where they take him is still a question in my mind), but that doesn't mean the fate of the three quarterbacks currently on the roster is sealed.

In fact, at least publicly, the Texans are open to several options.

"There’s different stages to the process," coach Bill O'Brien said. "You don’t get to know somebody during a dead period where you can only have an introductory type of conversation with him."

So far, the new coach has spoken with every player on the team, either on the phone or in person, he said. His conversation with QB Matt Schaub, who began last season as the Texans' starter, was in person. Though O'Brien wouldn't reveal the contents of that conversation, he called Schaub, Case Keenum and T.J. Yates good guys.

O'Brien knows what he wants in a quarterback and isn't publicly closing the door that he'll find that in Schaub.

I'd bet some of this is a contingency plan. You don't know how the draft and free agency will unfold, and Texans owner Bob McNair said last month that the Texans will have a veteran quarterback on the roster even if they bring in a rookie.

It would be awfully difficult, though, to sell Schaub even as a bridge guy to the franchise's next quarterback. Too much has happened.

O'Brien was also asked if Keenum, who went 0-8 as a starter last season, could be a starting NFL quarterback. The coach said he doesn't know.