Marino's lawsuit withdrawal related to Dolphins?

MIAMI -- On Monday, news broke that Dan Marino and 14 other players joined the large, concussion-related lawsuit against the NFL late last week. By Tuesday, Marino was looking for a way out. A source told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel that Marino's joining the lawsuit was an "error" and his lawyers are working to withdraw his name.

Marino issued a statement Tuesday evening explaining the turn of events:

“Within the last year I authorized a claim to be filed on my behalf just in case I needed future medical coverage to protect me and my family in the event I later suffered from the effects of head trauma. In so doing I did not realize I would be automatically listed as a plaintiff in a lawsuit against the NFL. I have made the decision it is not necessary for me to be part of any claims or this lawsuit and therefore I am withdrawing as a plaintiff effective immediately. I am sympathetic to other players who are seeking relief who may have suffered head injuries. I also disclaim any references in the form complaint of current head injuries.”

Marino said he did not realize joining the lawsuit would list himself as a plaintiff, which led to national headlines as such as high-profile former player. At the very least, that is a poor job by Marino's legal team not to explain the situation. It is also well-documented that Marino has been in talks with the Dolphins about a potential position with the team. Suing the NFL and simultaneously attempting to become an NFL employee wasn't a wise move.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway in this peculiar story is the Dolphins and Marino might be close to an agreement to work together. At least on Marino's end, it appears he didn't want to jeopardize the potential opportunity with this lawsuit.

Marino is the greatest player in Dolphins history and should have a position with the team in some capacity -- the Dolphins know it and Marino knows it. Getting Marino removed from this lawsuit obviously makes things less awkward.