Favre, Packers still planning his return visit

GREEN BAY, Wis. – In the long-running saga of when Brett Favre will return to Green Bay for an appearance at Lambeau Field, the former Packers quarterback advanced the story by incrementally on Thursday.

In an interview on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Favre confirmed what team president Mark Murphy said in April – that he and the Packers tried to set up a date for which he would return for a game last season and hope that it actually takes place this season.

Favre said he has been in contact with Murphy and general manager Ted Thompson, the man who traded away Favre to the New York Jets in 2008 after Favre unretired.

"We have had communication," Favre said. "Not that it's really anybody else's business with all due respect. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Green Bay, and it's not about me. It's not necessarily about them. It's about the fans and respect. When the time is right. They're going to have things to do. They have a season to play. They have to get ready, and I don't want to be a distraction for them."

Favre, who played 16 seasons for the Packers before one with the Jets and two with the rival Minnesota Vikings, described his relationship with the Packers as "much better."

The main thing that got in the way of a return last season was the fact that the high school team he helped coach in Mississippi kept winning and ended up in the state championship.

"Time heals a lot of things, and I think in this case, you're playing for the rival team, things are going to change," Favre said. "There's no better history than there is in Green Bay – the tradition, and people love their team there, and they usually hate the other team. So when you join their opponent, that's going to happen.

"Again, time heals a lot of things. In fact, I had planned on going up to a game the latter part of the season last year, but my high school team played into December and it just was a conflict. But the relationship is much better -- it's going to happen, I'll be back up there. Again my career in Green Bay, I wouldn't trade it for anything. It was awesome. The people were awesome, and I just think everything's going to be fine and in my opinion it is now. It's just a matter of getting back up there."

Favre also tried to dispel the notion that there was some bad blood between him and his eventual replacement, Aaron Rodgers.

"Not that I know of," Favre said. "I'm no idiot; I know that there's always someone who's going to replace you. The fact he was drafted in the first round, it was time for him to give it a shot. When I did retire, he became that guy. I understand that. I have no ill feelings or animosity towards Aaron. In fact, I thought we got along well. We watched tons of film together to help him along the way.

"But obviously we all know how good of a player Aaron is and I'll be the first to say it – the guy is tremendous player. He should have a long, long career barring injury. I can't speak for Aaron. Do we talk all the time? No, we don't, but do I talk to most guys I played with? No, I don't. I have a tremendous amount of respect for him, and I'm not surprised how well he's played."