Packers QB Aaron Rodgers on his coaches

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Aaron Rodgers has played for one head coach, Mike McCarthy, for all but his first NFL season.

The way things are going for the Green Bay Packers, there's a good chance this quarterback-coach combination will remain intact for years to come.

And that's something Rodgers says he's comfortable with.

Although the two have butted heads at times -- both chalking it up to their competitive natures -- Rodgers had nothing but good things to say about McCarthy and his coaching staff during last week's lengthy interview.

One thing that keeps things fresh for Rodgers is that he's on his third different quarterbacks coach in four seasons. His newest position coach, Alex Van Pelt, was promoted from running backs coach and follows Ben McAdoo (who left after two seasons to become the New York Giants offensive coordinator) and current Packers offensive coordinator Tom Clements.

When asked whether having the same head coach for almost his entire career makes it more important to work with different positions coaches, Rodgers said: "I think it's important to mix it up a little bit. Change is tough, but it can really be good for things that are getting stagnant."

Van Pelt is the only one of Rodgers' three quarterbacks coaches who has played the position in the NFL. Van Pelt spent his entire nine-year career with the Buffalo Bills, where was primarily Jim Kelly's backup and appeared in 31 career games.

Van Pelt has said one of his tasks has been to come up with new ways to challenge Rodgers in order to keep him fresh.

"I think time will tell as far as what's going to be different with my playing style on the field," Rodgers said. "But he's got his own way of doing things, just like Ben did and just like Tom did. I think you can really gain something from every perspective and learn. Alex and I are real good buddies, and it's been fun working with him. He sees the game through the eyes of somebody who played the position, so it's a different perspective. But I think he's been harping on a lot of things and wants to hold me accountable like Ben and Tom did, but he’s attacking it a different way and I've been responding really well."

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