Sean Payton: I want to coach until I'm 80

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. -- When asked about Drew Brees' comments that he feels 25 and wants to play until he’s 45, New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton one-upped his quarterback.

“I feel 30 and I want to coach ‘til I’m 80,” Payton cracked.

Payton added, however, that he doesn’t see any signs of aging or slowing down when it comes to Brees.

“I don’t see that in his play, in his preparation. I really don’t,” Payton said. “It is a credit to not only his mental preparation but how he takes care of himself. I’ve said this time and time again, he is a very routine-driven person with regards to exercise, diet. If you just want to get his attention you just say, ‘Hey they have gluten free pancakes today.’ And he would be like, ‘Where?’

“He pays attention to all of that. Look, that means a lot when you talk about years in this league.”