Berry makes no guarantees over health

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Safety Eric Berry will play for the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday when they begin the regular season against the Tennessee Titans. Berry missed all of the preseason because of tendonitis in his heel.

Beyond that, Berry is making no promises.

"We'll see," Berry said. "We'll take it day by day, week by week and see how it goes. I can't predict the future. It might go away. It might linger. We don't know."

Those words should be chilling to the Chiefs. Berry is one of their most indispensable players. They suffered without him, particularly against the pass, during the preseason.

The arc of Berry's injury isn't a positive one. He was injured at training camp, and initial reaction from the Chiefs was that it wasn't serious and Berry would only miss a couple of days of practice.

Sure enough, Berry quickly returned. But he later missed two stretches of practice plus every preseason game.

There's no telling how long Berry's return will last this time. The Chiefs this week tried to insure themselves against Berry leaving their lineup again by signing veteran safety Kurt Coleman.

As long as he's out on the field, Berry should play well.

"I've just been preparing myself in every way I could without being on the field," Berry said. "I was still watching film, still doing the little mental reps I could do. At this point a lot of it is mental, just not getting discouraged about not being out there and staying focused on the big picture."