MNF moments, No. 2: Theismann breaks leg

George Gojkovich/Getty Images

To celebrate the 45th season of "Monday Night Football," a panel of ESPN.com contributors has selected the 45 most memorable moments in MNF history. Follow along as we reveal one per day and count down to this season's MNF debut.

No. 2: Redskins 23, Giants 21 | Nov. 18, 1985

Few remembered the final outcome between the New York Giants and the Washington Redskins. The lasting memory from this Week 11 game was the end of quarterback Joe Theismann's career.

In the second quarter, the Redskins tried a flea-flicker with Theismann and running back John Riggins that went horribly wrong.

After Theismann escaped from Giants linebacker Harry Carson, Lawrence Taylor caught up to the QB and, along with Gary Reasons, tackled him. Theismann's leg was caught underneath him, and in the pile there was an audible crack that could be heard as far as each sideline. He suffered an open fracture of his tibia and the bone was visible to the MNF audience.

LT famously held his hands to his head in disbelief, saying after the game that the play "made me sick." It would be the last play of Theismann's career.

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