Who follows which NFL team? Let's check Twitter

There is only one county in the entire state of New York where Jets fans outnumber Giants fans. Cortland County -- home of the Jets' annual training camp -- take a bow.

Nearby Hamilton County, meanwhile, owes us an explanation. It houses more New England Patriots fans than those who root for either of the New York teams.

That's all according to Twitter, of course, our modern-day source of truth and justice. The social media behemoth has released an interactive map of counties across the country, one that quantifies the number of Twitter followers for each NFL team.

Of those who use Twitter in Cortland County, for example, 19.94 percent follow the Jets' official handle (@nyjets). In Hamilton County, 16.27 percent of Twitter users follow the Patriots (@Patriots).

Obviously, the decision to follow a team does not necessarily require allegiance, nor does every football fan user Twitter. But as Boon said to Otter, "Forget it. He's rolling." ("Animal House," circa 1978.)

In a broader sense, it's easy to see the Cowboys' dominance over the Texans in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico. You might be surprised, however, to see them pop up in Montana's Powell County, Idaho's Cassia County and a host of counties throughout Virginia, which is supposed to be Redskins country.

It's tough to miss the range of Broncos fandom, ranging from eastern Nebraska to western Nevada with -- randomly -- an outpost in Jefferson County (Washington). Seahawks country!

Go ahead and explore the map yourself. Check out your county. Compare your team and its most hated rivals. Argue! Debate! Decide, once and for all, who is better!