A&M teammates Johnny Manziel, Mike Evans swap jerseys at Bucs-Browns game

Johnny Manziel and Mike Evans connected for more than 2,000 yards while at Texas A&M together, and now they are doing a different kind of pitch-and-catch in the NFL.

Evans, now a Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver who torched the Cleveland Browns for two touchdowns in Tampa's 22-17 loss Sunday, posted an Instagram pic with Manziel, the Browns' backup quarterback, after the two swapped jerseys following the game in FirstEnergy Field.

"We on different squads now but we still brothers @jmanziel2" Evans posted with the photo of the two holding up their new garbs.

Evans also gave a nod to Manziel by celebrating his touchdowns with the money sign -- thumb rubbing against fingers, like one's holding up money -- that Manziel made famous in college. Manziel said he didn't see Evans flash the sign but smiled when told about it. "He played great," said Manziel of Evans.

Evans told Browns media mid-last week that Manziel had the arm of a prototypical 6-4 NFL quarterback wth the running ability of Michael Vick. Right now, Evans is the one showcasing his NFL talent.

We on different squads now but we still brothers @jmanziel2

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