Brett Favre was third choice for 'There's Something About Mary'

"That's right, Mary. You know I'll always be true to you."

That oft-repeated and much-mocked moment of Hollywood history almost never happened. As it turns out, Brett Favre made his 1998 appearance in "There's Something About Mary" only after the directors' first two choices declined.

Peter and Bobby Farrelly said on the Rich Eisen Show this week that Drew Bledsoe was their first choice to play the mysterious ex-boyfriend of Cameron Diaz. Bledsoe turned down the offer because he was trying to stay below the public radar after an incident in a concert mosh pit. (Yes, really.)

The next choice was Steve Young -- Mary's favorite team was the San Francisco 49ers, as everyone knows -- but Young declined as well. That brought the Farrellys to the drawling Favre, who said this week he wasn't aware he was the third choice. "If I'd known that," Favre jokingly told Eisen, "I would have never done it."

Ah Brett. He has always been true to us.