Look for Eric Berry to get more work Sunday

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Safety Eric Berry last week played in his first game for the Kansas City Chiefs since suffering a high-ankle sprain on Sept. 14. He didn’t start, but played in the nickel defense against the New York Jets, who spread the field enough that Berry was still on the field for 51 of the Chiefs’ 69 defensive snaps.

Defensive coordinator Bob Sutton indicated Berry would get even more work in Sunday’s game against the Bills in Buffalo.

"We are going to mix him in on both groups," Sutton said, referring to the base and nickel defenses. "We are trying to keep track of him, and if it’s ever a problem where we are out for a lot of plays, we may roll guys in there just like all the other positions.

"Obviously, the thing we don’t want to do is get him back, get him hurt again and (out of the lineup) again. I’m really talking from about being fatigued. That’s kind of what we are doing. We are going to up his pitch count and go from there."

Berry’s replacement, Ron Parker, has played well and deserves to get some snaps even as Berry’s workload increases as he recovers from the injury. But the Chiefs are a better team with Berry, a three-time Pro Bowler, on the field and Sutton referenced a play from last week’s game involving Jets quarterback Michael Vick to illustrate his point.

"Vick scrambled out and was heading for the first down and (Berry) beat him to the first down marker," Sutton said. "That’s because of his skill level, and that’s one of the things when you talk about speed on defense, it isn’t always the plays you make. It’s sometimes the plays you prevent.

"He brings great speed and range. And that’s a big part of this game. You hate not to have that."