Andrew Luck has yet to figure out Bill Belichick and the Patriots

INDIANAPOLIS -- Colts quarterback Andrew Luck stood behind the podium in the media room at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts, exactly 10 months ago today and didn't waste any time addressing the area that has plagued him in both of his meetings against the New England Patriots.

"I can't commit that many turnovers and have a chance to win against a good team like this," the quarterback said back on Jan. 11.

But a look at Luck's passing numbers and you would think he was successful against the Patriots in those two games.

He was 27-of-50 for 334 yards and two touchdowns against them in his rookie season in 2012. He followed that up by going 20-of-41 for 331 yards and two touchdowns in his second meeting against the Patriots in the playoffs last season.

Follow the stat sheet to the interceptions column and you find Luck's problem.

He has seven of them.

For all the success Luck has had in his first three seasons, the one coach, the one team he's yet to figure out is Bill Belichick and the Patriots.

Luck will try to get his first victory against Belichick on Sunday when New England comes to Indianapolis.

"There definitely is a mental challenge to facing the Patriots," Luck said. "At the same time, I don't think you want to psyche yourself out and overthink things. You've still got to go out there and play football."

Interceptions continue to be a problem for Luck. His streak of seven straight games of at least 300 yards passing is often talked about -- and rightly so -- but it should also be noted that he's tied for sixth in the league in interceptions with nine.

Giveaways have been an area of concern for the Colts. They've turned the ball over 15 times, which negates the 15 turnovers they've forced.

As was the case in the previous two meetings, turning the ball over reduces the Colts' chances of winning because the Patriots know how to capitalize on mistakes. The Patriots are fifth in the league in forced turnovers with 18.

"I think what they do is they do a great job of changing things up," Colts coach Chuck Pagano said. "Again, like we said, it's a game plan defense, if you will. They do a great job, just watching them against Denver, they do a great job of mixing things up. They're not going to give you the same thing over and over again. Right when you think you've got the four guys identified as the four rushers, they bring different people and do a great job of hiding their fronts and coverages."

It's not surprising that Luck has struggled against New England. Belichick has a reputation for not making things easy for young quarterbacks.

"You've got to expect something unexpected," Luck said. "They do a great job with their scheme and they have great players. I think that's why they've been so successful for so long and consistently. Again, we're excited about it. Like we say every week, we go in confident and we're going to put the work in this week, enjoy practice and get to Sunday."