Andrew Luck says it's not about him against Tom Brady

INDIANAPOLIS -- It's not surprising that many look at the Indianapolis Colts against the New England Patriots as the battle of the quarterbacks, Andrew Luck versus Tom Brady, much like it's been Luck against Peyton Manning when the Colts and Denver Broncos have played the past two seasons.

Luck, as he often does, is deflecting the attention from himself because he knows Sunday’s game isn’t about him beating Brady.

“I think as a quarterback, I’ve never worried about who the opposing quarterback is or what the opposing offense does,” Luck said. “If you think about that for five minutes, that’s five minutes less thinking about the defense and what your job is.”

Brady is 8-3 in his career against the Colts. He’s 245-of-356 for 2,843 yards, 24 touchdowns and 10 interceptions in those games. Luck is 0-2 against the Patriots in is his career. He’s 47-of-91 for 665 yards, four touchdowns and seven interceptions.

“Great amount of respect for Brady and what he’s done,” Luck said. “He’s one of the premier quarterbacks ever. Great role model for anybody playing the position at any level.”

Brady returned the praise to Luck.

“He's a great player, in his third year, and he's had a lot of success," Brady told the New England media. "Their offense is doing a great job this year; they score a lot of points (averaging a league-high 32.2 per game), especially at home. He's kind of the ringleader. He does a lot of things I wish I could do."