Jay Gruden on RG III: Too many voices can hurt

In two of the past three offseasons, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III worked with Terry Shea, focusing on fundamentals of the position. Coach Jay Gruden is fine if that continues -- but there’s a limit to how it can help for an obvious reason.

And, Gruden said, the answer is that sometimes less is more.

“Sometimes, when you have too many voices in your head, you think about too much,” Gruden said. “We need to get him to think about less and just play, have some fun playing and be a little more decisive with his reads and his progressions and getting the ball out of his hand and not taking some of these sacks.

“It’s just part of the process. Sometimes you think too much, and it makes you less decisive. We’ve just got to get him to be more comfortable and more decisive and good things will happen.”

Griffin worked with Shea leading up to the 2012 draft and then again last offseason, spending a week with him before offseason workouts began and then again before training camp. They focused more on where he held the ball, his base and his footwork -- trying to get his feet lined up with his eyes.

But there’s a difference between working on those mechanics and then fitting them into the offense.

“I know Terry is a good quarterback coach, but as far as system is concerned, he doesn’t know what we’re doing as far as footwork and fundamentals and all that stuff for each given concept of each play,” Gruden said. “As far as balance and his lead foot, his arm -- where he puts the ball, where he holds the ball, all that stuff that he can work with in the offseason -- that’s great if he wants a quarterback coach to work with him. I have no problem with him doing that. But during the season, we have enough coaches in house that can handle his fundamentals and his footwork and his decision making.”