Peyton Manning: 'I feel good physically'

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- With his 51-game touchdown streak having ended in the Denver Broncos' win over the Buffalo Bills this past Sunday, and with Peyton Manning having finished each of the last two games with fewer than 180 yards passing, some have wondered if Manning is healthy.

Wednesday, Manning said he’s healthy and the Broncos’ offense is simply trying to win games.

“I’m always trying to play better," Manning said. “We always watch the film of the games pretty critically with my coaches, trying to improve, whether we won the game or lost the game, trying to see how I can do my job better in whatever phase that is. I feel good physically, (but) certainly I’m always looking to play better."

Manning has thrown for 179 yards and 173 yards, respectively, in back-to-back victories over the Kansas City Chiefs and Bills. He has thrown eight interceptions in the last six games, and at age 38 with four neck surgeries on his medical resume, some among the Broncos’ faithful wonder if things are OK with the quarterback.

It all comes as the Broncos have, following a loss in St. Louis when they ran the ball just 10 times, tried to add a little more muscle to the offense as they point toward the postseason. Denver has run the ball 109 times over the last three games, all wins.

Manning said Wednesday whether the Broncos run the ball or pass the ball, whether he lines up in the shotgun or under center, it’s all done to try to find the best way to attack the defense in front of him.

“We’re certainly doing some things on offense as we try to evolve always," Manning said. “Try to find plays that we feel are good, that are going to work for us, and I think those are good plays."

Manning also reiterated, as he said last week, that he feels better physically this season than he did at the same point in 2013, even as the Broncos were headed toward a single-season-record 606 points and he was on pace to throw for a single-season-record 55 touchdowns passes.

Manning, who is currently tied for the league lead in touchdown passes with 36, has not missed a practice this season. Last season he took several Wednesdays off after suffering injuries to both ankles against the Jacksonville Jaguars and then aggravating the injuries against the Indianapolis Colts.

“I feel pretty good. Last year I missed five or six weeks of Wednesday practices in a row," Manning said. “So, the fact I’m able to be out there, so certainly I see that as a positive. I feel pretty good."