Referee Ed Hochuli explains roughing the passer call on Nick Moody

SEATTLE -- Observed and heard in the Seattle Seahawks' locker room and the officials' dressing room after Seattle's 17-7 victory against the San Francisco 49ers:

  • Referee Ed Hochuli on the roughing-the-passer call against 49ers linebacker Nick Moody on Russell Wilson: “I felt he hit the quarterback [Russell Wilson] in the chest with the hairline [of his helmet]. It’s a foul unless his head is completely up and would hit him face on with his face mask, so that’s why I called it. After you hit, the face mask comes up. That’s the mechanics of the body, but that wasn’t the initial contact. The hairline [of the helmet] is still a foul when you hit the quarterback with that part of your head.”

  • Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin on the season: “It’s not how you start [3-3], it’s how you finish. That’s our mentality. We have everything ahead of us.”

  • Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett on the play of DE Jordan Hill: “I feel like a proud father out there whenever I see him making plays. I’ve been working with him the last couple of weeks and helping him develop as a pass-rusher and he’s doing a really good job.”