Brian Billick burns Johnny Manziel fan

In responding to a Johnny Manziel supporter, former Baltimore Ravens coach Brian Billick delivered his own version of "the money sign."

Billick delivered harsh criticism of Manziel on Wednesday, posting on Twitter that "Manziel proponents say he can be Russell Wilson. I liken him more to Troy Smith...a 5th rounder no longer in the NFL."

Someone on Twitter named "Bflo44," who has a picture of Manziel as his avatar, shot back at Billick with this: "And why would we listen to a coach no longer in the league?”

Billick, who is now an analyst for the NFL Network, delivered the ultimate comeback -- a picture of him wearing his Super Bowl ring.

It is still surprising that Billick never got a chance to be a head coach again. He won a Super Bowl in 2000 -- which he colorfully pointed out -- and guided the Ravens to an 80-64 record (.556) and four playoff seasons.

Some may argue that the reason Billick never got another job was his inability to develop a franchise quarterback. The Ravens had 13 starting quarterbacks in Billick's nine seasons, the last of which was Troy Smith.

To Bflo44's credit, he took Billick's rebuttal in stride on Twitter:" So I got owned by @CoachBillick Today! Pretty sweet. Fun stuff!"