Is it last call for Chargers' Dwight Freeney?

SAN DIEGO -- After playing 16 games for the first time in four years -- in a season filled with highs and lows -- San Diego Chargers edge-rusher Dwight Freeney said after his team’s disappointing loss to the Kansas City Chiefs that he needed time to reflect before deciding if he will play a 14th season.

And that’s understood. We’re talking about a potential Hall of Famer in the Syracuse product, who played a total of 531 snaps for the Chargers in 2014. He finished with just 3.5 sacks, but at times still showed that he has enough juice to consistently pressure the passer.

With 111 career sacks, Freeney is 20th on the all-time sack list, a half-sack ahead of former Indianapolis Colts teammate Robert Mathis.

“I’m never big on making choices or big-time decisions after losses or wins because you’re too emotional,” Freeney said. “You want to kind of take that emotion out of it, sit down and think about what you really want to do with the rest of your life and your career, and really figure out what that next step is. I’ve got to give it time.”

Freeney returned from a torn quad injury that required surgery after a shortened 2013 season, an injury that some did not think he would come back from at 34 years old. He’s not the same player that developed the patented spin move during his time in Indianapolis, but Freeney also believes he can still be productive if given an opportunity next season.

The charismatic and well-spoken Freeney could easily transition into a career as an NFL analyst on TV. However, Freeney needs to put some distance between himself and a tough loss against Kansas City in what could have been his final NFL game.

“I’ve lost in the Super Bowl -- and it’s devastating,” Freeney said. “It doesn’t feel any better. It might feel worse, honestly, because you’re so close and you can taste it and you didn’t get it. So, you have to keep everything in perspective.”