Jameis Winston to Browns? Please ...

Jameis Winston will declare for the 2015 NFL draft.

The Cleveland Browns have two first-round draft picks.

Which is wonderful.

The Browns now can add a second talented quarterback to the roster who left school early after numerous off-field incidents related to immaturity and behavior.

Just what the Browns need. #sarcasmfont

Winston will be this year's Johnny Manziel, a much-discussed, much-studied and much-criticized draft-eligible player.

He has talent. Of that there is little question. There are some who believe he should be the first overall pick.

But Browns fans might want to start praying that the team avoids Winston, and that Winston does not have the cell number of any Browns assistant coach on draft night (See: Manziel's "wreck this league" text from last year). They don't need him and Manziel on the same roster. They don't need Winston on the roster. His baggage would sink the Titanic. The Browns need no more baggage.

They do need a quarterback, but they need a quarterback who is professional and dedicated and not in the least bit interested in making news off the field.

The cynics would say Winston would fit right in with the Browns, and that he, Manziel and Josh Gordon would be a “Hard Knocks” dream come true.

The realist, though, understands that the Browns don't need to even be in the same galaxy as Winston.

They've got enough to deal with without adding more problems.