Will 'Romoing' become a thing?

IRVING, Texas -- Back in 2011, "Tebowing" became all the rage. Now, might there be a "Romoing" craze about to take off?

Tim Tebow set the Tebowing craze off by dropping to a knee and praying after the Denver Broncos beat the Miami Dolphins. There is even an official website: tebowing.com

If you saw the Dallas Cowboys beat the Detroit Lions in the wild-card round last week, you saw the debut of Romoing.

As the quarterback celebrated his touchdown pass to Terrance Williams that won the game, Tony Romo is pictured on the ground, face planted in the turf and his arms raised in celebration.

Romo said he was not aware of Romoing, but had it explained to him on Wednesday.

“That’s interesting,” Romo said.

Pictures of fans flooded Twitter in the days that followed the Cowboys’ win. It quickly went viral and picked up a hashtag in the days after the win.

Romo said he saw Williams catch the ball, but the crowd noise made it official after he took a hit from Lions defensive end Ezekiel Ansah.

“You’re just excited at the moment,” Romo said. “More than anything you’re just for a moment you just feel, you understand how important the situation is and what you feel like needed to be done at the time and then for Terrance to make the play and for us to put ourselves in position to where we were. It was just a hard-fought, tough football game. Just, it’s a great feeling when you’re able to accomplish what you set out that day, even though it was as difficult as it was.”

While fans took quickly to Romoing, two teammates were unaware of the phenomena.

“Him on the ground? Oh, that’s Romoing?” safety Barry Church said. “Get out of here.”

Center Travis Frederick was familiar with Tebowing. He’s upset that if Romoing becomes a thing it happened because the line got him hit.

“He’s flat on his face,” Frederick said. “He shouldn’t have taken that it. That’s on us.”

But if the Cowboys win this Sunday at the Green Bay Packers, then maybe this Romoing craze will catch on a little more.