Ron Rivera returns tooth fairy money to kind-hearted 9-year-old

Never let it be said that Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera takes money from the tooth fairy, even when it is the kindest of gestures.

Rivera received a letter from a 9-year-old girl in the Columbia, South Carolina, area shortly after his house caught on fire last month. The letter included words of encouragement for him and his family, as well as five dollars Harmonie Frederick had gotten from the tooth fairy.

Harmonie told WLTX-TV in Columbia she did it “so he won’t have to be homeless, waiting for his house to be built back."

Rivera responded with a hand-written note, some Panthers gear and the five dollars.

According to the television station, the note said: “Thank you for the concern. We are all fine, our dogs included. I appreciate your five dollars, but our insurance will cover the rebuilding of our house. Thanks, Coach Rivera."

Frederick told WLTX she is going to keep the five dollars and put it towards her college education.

Rivera responded on Sunday with the following Tweet to let her know that was the best decision: