Potential trade partners for Dolphins receiver Mike Wallace

The Miami Dolphins have a big decision this offseason with No. 1 receiver Mike Wallace. He is due $9.9 million this season, which includes $3 million guaranteed in March, yet the offense and quarterback do not suit his strengths.

Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey reportedly met with Wallace recently to discuss their options. Nothing is off limits for either party, including the possibility for a trade, which would help the Dolphins with cap space and to get something in return.

If Miami ultimately decides to go that route, here are three potential trade partners:

Seattle Seahawks

Analysis: We saw during the playoffs that Seattle's biggest weakness is wide receiver. It's the reason the two-time NFC champions acquired Percy Harvin in 2013, although that move didn't work. Wallace is a deep threat with elite speed. He would take the pressure off quarterback Russell Wilson, who throws a much better deep ball than Ryan Tannehill. Wallace also would prevent opponents from putting eight in the box against Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch. It's a great fit for both sides. Wallace fills one of Seattle's few holes and gets to compete for championships, which is what he did early in his career with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Fit rating (10 being the best): 9

Indianapolis Colts

Analysis: The Colts are on the cusp of being a championship contender. They need a little more talent, and Wallace could be one of those additions to help Indianapolis get over the hump. Wallace has had big games at Lucas Oil Stadium. He loves the fast track and can do a lot of damage playing in a dome with Colts quarterback Andrew Luck eight times a season. Indianapolis is not afraid to make bold trades. The Colts recently acquired former first-round picks Vontae Davis and Trent Richardson the past few seasons. Some will work out and some won't. But the Colts are usually aggressive in their pursuit of players.

Fit rating: 9

New Orleans Saints

Analysis: Wallace is a Louisiana native. He would have no issues playing for his home team, which also plays in a dome and has an elite quarterback in Drew Brees. New Orleans' offense would be a dynamic fit for a talent like Wallace. But the biggest issue is the Saints' salary-cap situation is not very good. It's tough to see New Orleans creating the type of room necessary to take on Wallace's $9.9 million salary in a trade. Wallace returning home is more feasible if he's released and free to negotiate a more cost-effective contract.

Fit rating: 7