James Harrison anything but a guarantee to return to Pittsburgh Steelers

James Harrison putting retirement on hold does not mean he will be back in Pittsburgh in 2015.

And that is even if the Steelers want to re-sign the five-time Pro Bowl player, with depth at outside linebacker among their biggest concerns.

Harrison, who announced on social media that he intends to play in 2015, could be more likely to follow Dick LeBeau to Tennessee than to suit up for the Steelers for another season.

His loyalty to the former Steelers defensive coordinator knows no bounds. And LeBeau might want Harrison to provide a short-term charge to the Titans' defense while providing an example to Tennessee’s younger players with his maniacal work ethic and approach to the game.

The timing might be right for the Steelers and Harrison to make a break once and for all.

The Steelers have to commit to their younger players on defense – and specifically Jarvis Jones at right outside linebacker.

Harrison probably would balk at returning to the Steelers as insurance if Jones gets hurt again or falters after recording just three sacks in his first 21 games.

He might not embrace relocating, if only temporarily, but LeBeau is the one coach Harrison would follow just about anywhere.

That is why he is more likely to play for the Titans in 2015 than the Steelers.