Scot McCloughan anxious to see Redskins QBs work in person

PHOENIX – Washington Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan has seen enough tape. Now he wants to see how his new players handle themselves in person. He won’t get that chance for another month, but the next step in his evaluation process involves seeing players on the field -- not on film.

That’s especially true for the quarterbacks. McCloughan said he’s watched film of both Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins. And he’s taking into account that coach Jay Gruden’s system can be a difficult one to learn.

“I’ve seen all the tape I can possibly see of them,” McCloughan said. “Now I need to see them in person, I need to see them in OTAs, need to see them in minicamps, need to see him in the offseason program and just their body language, who takes control, who the players follow.

“I like what I see physically from both of them. They both have excellent skills. But I’ve also seen some inconsistencies.”

Both quarterbacks will be entering their fourth season, with Griffin already having been announced as the starter. Coach Jay Gruden has made it clear that Griffin must play well to keep the job. The Redskins also have Colt McCoy on the roster.

McCloughan said he likes that Gruden is a former quarterback.

“But the system is not an easy system to walk into year one,” McCloughan said. “When I was in Green Bay with Brett Favre, Mike Holmgren ran a similar system and that first year was really tough. For the quarterback there’s so much stuff going on around them.”

In Favre’s first two seasons in Green Bay, which also were his first two as a starter, he threw a combined 37 touchdowns and 37 interceptions. In his third season, he threw 33 touchdowns to 14 interceptions, starting a five-year run in which he threw a combined 176 touchdowns to 79 interceptions.

McCloughan said he’s enjoyed talking to Gruden about what he foresees for minicamp, the offseason workout program and training camp.

“I keep telling him the one thing I want to preach and preach and preach, it’s all about competition,” McCloughan said. “It doesn’t matter who’s making the big money, any of that. From my standpoint, from the outside I want to see guys show up and consistently compete and the best man is going to win.”

But McCloughan also recognizes the quarterback isn’t the only one responsible for success offensively. The Redskins still need to solidify their offensive line and add another running back.

“It’s not just the quarterback, it’s the 10 guys around them,” McCloughan said. “It’s the defense, the special teams everyone coming together. I’m going to build that offense as good as I can for all 11. The quarterback is the most important guy, but the 10 around him can make his life much easier.”