New Texans teammates Vince Wilfork, J.J. Watt mutually excited

HOUSTON -- What excites many about the Houston Texans' defensive line is that the addition of Vince Wilfork means two of the best players ever at their positions will be playing side by side.

The two of them -- Vince Wilfork and J.J. Watt -- share that excitement.

"Yeah, we talked since I signed," Wilfork said in an interview with the team's official website. "He’s probably more excited than I am. But little does he know, I’m very excited to come down here."

When we talk about Wilfork's off-the-field influence, that extends to Watt. Texans coach Bill O'Brien talked last week about hoping Wilfork will help Watt and a handful of others lead the team. But Wilfork's on-field influence will also have an impact on Watt, who is coming off his second AP Defensive Player of the Year award. Wilfork knows all about Watt's mastery of the Texans' defense and appreciates his talent.

"My goal is to let J.J. be J.J.," Wilfork said. "I’m pretty sure the coaching staff is going to feel the same way, when you have a guy that dynamic. You can’t ask him to change anything. He’s been a beast, and hopefully he’ll continue to be that beast and I’m looking forward to it."

Wilfork comes to Houston after 11 seasons with the New England Patriots, a tenure that began and ended with Super Bowls. He comes to a Texans team at a very different point in its evolution.

"I like what the team is doing," Wilfork said. "I like the young team. I think it's a couple spots where we’re missing, but they’re knocking at the door. So hopefully I can come in and just guide people on. That's my thing. I"m not a guy that's going to come in here and try to coach. I will come in, if guys have questions about what it was like for me playing 11 years on a program that was very successful at winning ballgames and Super Bowls, I'm all ears. I'm here for Houston. That's what I'm here for. The city, the fans and my teammates."