Scot McCloughan reiterates why he's confident in RG III

It's not as if Washington Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan said anything new about Robert Griffin III during his interview with ESPN980's Kevin Sheehan Thursday. But McCloughan did sound a message that began when he arrived, one that explains offseason actions.

When he was first hired, McCloughan pointed out why he felt Griffin would be worth keeping around. And it goes back to Griffin's rookie season. While Griffin has struggled since that year -- from injuries and other factors -- McCloughan clings to his point.

And that's why McCloughan said it was worth picking up Griffin's fifth-year option, made official earlier this week. It comes with risk, but McCloughan viewed the risk in different terms. If they had declined the option and Griffin ends up starring again, then the Redskins would face a more expensive situation. By picking it up, they also send Griffin a message that they believe in him. One opposing coach said when he watched Griffin last season, he did not see the same confident player he had two years prior.

"The reward vs. the risk was much huger," McCloughan told Sheehan. "I'm very excited about seeing him, in practice and the preseason and going forward in the games. They're hard to find. For a guy to walk into the league and be a rookie and win rookie of the year on the offensive side and win the division, it's few and far between. I'm very excited about it. All I see are positives going forward. There will be setbacks along the way, but I'm looking forward to him being healthy and being a really good player for the Redskins."

The Redskins have made it clear the job is Griffin's to lose. They also have made it clear nothing is guaranteed beyond that, so if Griffin stumbles and one of the other quarterbacks looks great, then changes could be made. It's a message they've delivered several times this offseason.

"I look forward to [Griffin] walking out there Day 1 and taking control and proving to me and proving to this organization that he's the guy," McCloughan said. "Kirk [Cousins] is talented and Colt [McCoy] is talented. Let them compete their tails off and see what happens."