Josh Scobee OK with new PAT rule

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Other kickers may be upset about the NFL's new PAT rule -- Baltimore's Justin Tucker, for example -- but Josh Scobee isn't.

The Jacksonville Jaguars' 11-year veteran is actually OK with the change, which moves the spot of the ball to the 15-yard line and makes it a 32- or 33-yard kick for one point, because it's a much better option than some of the other proposals that have been thrown out since the league started seriously discussing a potential change last year.

"I figured a rule change was eventually going to take place," Scobee said. "This is the best outcome of the possible changes that I heard about.

"All it does is place more importance on having a reliable kicker."

Very few have been as reliable as Scobee from 32 and 33 yards. According to ESPN Stats & Information, Scobee has made 21 of 22 attempts from those distances in his career, which began in 2004. That's a 95.5 percent success rate, which is better than all but eight other kickers with 10 or more attempts at those distances since 2004. Those eight, including Phil Dawson (21-for-21) were all perfect.

In addition, ESPN Stats & Information shows that since 2001 only six players have made more field goals than Scobee from 32 and 33 yards.

The new PAT rule also includes the provision that defenses can return a blocked kick or a turnover on a two-point try for two points. The two-point try spot will remain the 2-yard line.