Saints' Ryan Griffin discusses being struck by champagne bottle

METAIRIE, La. – New Orleans Saints quarterback Ryan Griffin lifted up his cap to reveal his face for the video cameras, knowing everyone was curious to see how he looked after getting more than 50 stitches last week as a result of being struck with a champagne bottle.

Then Griffin lowered the cap, explaining that he needed to keep it out of the sun to avoid scarring.

"I just wanted you guys to see my face. Everything looks fine. My plastic surgeon must have gone to Tulane. They did a great job," said Griffin, the former Tulane QB who kept a pretty good sense of humor about things Wednesday -- though he admitted he'd rather not have to be in front of the media addressing such an issue.

Griffin was not accused of any wrongdoing in the incident, in which he is considered the victim.

According to the police report, Griffin told police he thought he bumped into a group of men inside a New Orleans lounge, which led to words being exchanged in the early morning hours of June 7. He was then struck with what Griffin's friends believed was a champagne bottle.

Ten days later, Griffin's face had only minor marks and redness visible on his nose and above his eye.

"It was an unfortunate situation that happened. I'm trying to get it handled quickly and easily. As soon as it happened, I notified the Saints and have been telling them anything and everything that's happened so far," said Griffin, adding that he couldn't get into the specific details because the matter is still being investigated.

"My main focus right now is football, and doing whatever I can to help this team and get better and get ready for training camp. And I just want to thank everyone that's been supportive and has reached out to me. It's been awesome."

Griffin, who has rotated daily with veteran Luke McCown as the Saints' No. 2 quarterback, had a standout performance in Wednesday's practice -- including a TD pass to tight end Josh Hill during a simulated two-minute drill. Griffin was the only QB to get the offense into the end zone during that drill.