Experts: Jameis Winston a fourth-tier quarterback

TAMPA, Fla. -- Mike Sando has his Insider rankings of quarterbacks out and, before ever throwing an NFL pass, Tampa Bay’s Jameis Winston didn’t fare very well.

Sando got input from 35 people around the league and Winston was rated in the fourth tier. He is ranked No. 26 overall. That’s one spot behind Tennessee’s Marcus Mariota, who was drafted second after Winston went with the first pick.

Sando got a less-than-glowing scouting report on Winston from an unnamed offensive coordinator.

"He threw so many bad interceptions in college where everybody is wide open," the coordinator said. "That is not scientific. He was just so inconsistent in college, turned it over all the time and was on the best team in college. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. That is my gut feeling. Not that I think Mariota is the cat's meow, but he will be accurate, precise, efficient. The other guy is gunslinger plus bad decision-making, and that equals bad."

Time will tell on Winston. But I have a feeling the Bucs are going to try to put him in a position where he doesn’t have to be a gunslinger.