Saints have battered QBs

Just for the heck of it, I sent a note to ESPN Stats & Information asking if they had any numbers on the amount of times the Saints have gotten hits on opposing quarterbacks in the postseason.

I got the answer to that and much more. In two games, the Saints put 11 hits on Kurt Warner and Brett Favre. Here are some other notes they included on this topic.

  • Six of the hits came through the middle of the line, five around the ends.

  • Five of the hits were defenders going unblocked. Three were defenders beating blocks. Three were coverage sacks where the QB held onto the ball for over five seconds.

  • Six of the hits were with five or more pass rushers and five of the hits were with four or less pass rushers.

  • Scott Fujita, Darren Sharper, Sedrick Ellis and Will Smith had two hits apiece.

  • Seven of the 11 hits came when the Saints had five or more defensive backs on the field.

  • Five of the 11 hits came in the first quarter, but just two hits in the fourth quarter.