Michael Floyd was shocked after seeing hand injury last week

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- When Cardinals receiver Michael Floyd took his glove off his left hand last Wednesday following a bad fall, fingers were going left and right, there were missing parts, and “things not in the right place.”

Some of his teammates thought the injury was “gnarly” after seeing a photo of it.

“It was just shocking to see once I took my glove off and realized what was under there,” he said.

Speaking for the first time since his gruesome injury, Floyd deflected questions about a timetable for his return, just saying he’s taking it “day to day” and he hopes he doesn’t miss any games.

“There’s a process to this, which I have been doing and I’m sticking to it,” he said.

The injury took place when his hand got caught under the ball after a pass, Floyd said. “As I was turning, my weight shifted to my hand and I didn’t roll over quick enough and I think it got caught in the grass.”

Floyd didn’t have any details on what doctors did during surgery beyond putting his fingers into place, but he’s been feeling “good” since his surgery last Wednesday night. He’s been wearing a type of brace on his left hand and has been squeezing Styrofoam to help strengthen his fingers.

Floyd said he’ll try to avoid anything on his left hand whenever he returns to the field.

“Being a receiver you don’t want anything besides your gloves on your hands,” he said. “I’m going to try to do the best as I can to try not to wear anything. Whatever feels most comfortable and whatever I feel comfortable with is probably what I’m going to do.”

As soon as he’s cleared, Floyd will start doing cardio to rebuild his stamina and endurance so a transition back to the field won’t come with any kinks. He doesn’t expect there to be a rehab process after the fingers are healed.

As he waits to return to 100 percent health, Floyd said he’s been helping the younger receivers while keeping himself involved through the playbook on his iPad. Until last Wednesday, Floyd felt he was having a good camp.

“Unfortunately this happened, but it’s not a setback,” he said. “You kind of look at it as a positive thing, making sure that you’re engaged all the time in practice and making sure you can help this offense mentally and if you see anything out there that you can critique on to your position or [anywhere] else, you do that.”