Josh Norman on Cam Newton: 'Wouldn't want to go into battle with no other QB'

SPARTANBURG, S.C. -- Josh Norman has moved on from his scuffle with Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

The cornerback finally broke his silence on Monday's confrontation in practice that drew national headlines, tweeting a picture of himself with Newton after a movie on Tuesday night.

Norman's message showed the same respect to Newton that Newton showed to Norman earlier in the day when he told reporters the scuffle had been blown out of proportion.

"Cam & I, after the Team movie outing,'' Norman wrote. "Wouldn't want to go into Battle with No other QB than this man right Here! because I know he's going to bring his All.. & "WORK"! There's No substitution for Hardwork, Mental Toughness, & Brute Physicality!. He brings it Everytime. Respects. He's a Special unique talent & as a BrotherTeammate I'm Honored & Blessed to be on a Team with Such Great Guys