Darrell Bevell: Jimmy Graham no Percy Harvin

Jimmy Graham is a better fit in the Seattle offense than Percy Harvin was, says offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell. Elaine Thompson/AP

RENTON, Wash. -- The last time the Seattle Seahawks made a blockbuster trade for an offensive playmaker, it didn't work. Not only was Percy Harvin a bad fit in Seattle's locker room, the Seahawks had a difficult time fitting him into their offense.

Will it be easier to incorporate Jimmy Graham? Darrell Bevell believes so.

"I think the cool part about Jimmy is we can just plug him in," said Bevell, the Seahawks offensive coordinator. "We really don't have to do anything special."

That wasn't the case with Harvin, whose abilities led the Seahawks to alter their offense. Seattle didn't use him as a conventional wide receiver during the five games he spent with the team before his trade last season. Instead, the majority of his touches came from behind the line of scrimmage, whether it was on an end around, a screen pass or out of the backfield.

While at the time those were hailed as creative ways to the ball in the hands of the team's most explosive player, the reality is that the Seahawks were straying too far from their offensive identity. They were 3-2 when they traded Harvin to the Jets, and in those two losses, Marshawn Lynch carried the ball a combined 16 times.

With Graham, though, Bevell believes the Seahawks won't have to go out of their way to get him the ball the way they did with Harvin.

"We can run the exact same routes that we've been running and just kind of plug him in," Bevell said. "So I don't think we are going to have to do anything just to target him to get him the ball. Obviously the quarterback knows where he is at all times, so more balls will probably be going in that direction. We're able just to fit him in."

Brady Henderson is the editor-in-chief at ESPN Seattle/710Sports.com.