Manning says have a favorite player

MIAMI -- Hey kids, listen up.

Peyton Manning had some valuable advice Tuesday, and I wanted to pass it along: Always have a favorite player.

    “My dad was my favorite player always. He retired back in ’84. I was eight years old. Dan Marino was just coming into the NFL. I think it is important to always have a favorite player at all times -- a current player. I went from Archie Manning to Dan Marino. Once Dan retired Eli was just starting to play college ball so Eli Manning became my favorite player."

    “So I have always had good favorite players, but Dan, I always loved the way he competed, loved the way he commanded the offense and he has been so supportive of me since he has retired. I asked a lot of questions of him. As an older quarterback you still have to have guys you can ask questions of. Nobody will ever throw the ball like Dan Marino. I truly consider him a friend and I value his friendship.”