King Kong, trash talk and the Patriots' week in the media

Will Rex Ryan best Tom Brady on Sunday? (1:07)

Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith debate who will come out on top in Sunday's Patriots-Bills matchup. (1:07)

Rex Ryan had some clever things to say this week -- including suggesting King Kong would be the only option to cover Rob Gronkowski one-on-one -- as he prepared his Buffalo Bills for the New England Patriots in an AFC East contest. The Patriots usually leave the entertaining press conferences to opposing teams, but this week they had their moments. Here are a few highlights from the Patriots' perspective from the past week.

Devin McCourty (on Rob Gronkowski): “The guy has a lot of touchdowns in this league, but I don’t know. I think King Kong would probably struggle too.”

Tom Brady (on playing on the road): “It's a great feeling when you shut everyone up by the fourth quarter and half of the stadium is cleared out too, so I think that's part of the motivation to make good plays and quiet them down, take control of the game and then win on the road. It's a very satisfying feeling, so that's what we're going to try and accomplish.”

Bill Belichick (on why Rex Ryan has had success against Brady): “I think our record against him has been OK. I’ll take it.”

Gronkowski (on facing King Kong): “I have to prepare for everyone.”

Chandler Jones (on trash talk sparked by the Bills): “Let the pads do the talking and not your mouth.”

Julian Edelman (on the Patriots’ approach to responding to trash talk): “We’re not in high school, where it’s rah-rah and ‘this guy said that.’ This is the National Football League. If you’ve taken time out of your day to think about what other teams are saying, and what’s going on in the outside world, you’re taking away time from preparing.”

Brady: “We’re going up against probably the best D-line in football. These guys are phenomenal all the way across the board. It puts a lot of pressure on the offense to communicate well, trust each other and when that breaks down, I throw it as quick as I can. You don’t want to be holding the ball all day.”

Tarell Brown (on Gronkowski): “Before I was here, I just knew he was a hell of a player -- ‘The Gronk.’ Being here gave me so much more respect for him, just by the way he works and how he approaches the game.”

Brady: “The Colts got pushed around [by the Bills]. When you get pushed around by a team like this, they really feed off of that.”

Brady: “Football Sunday! Let’s gooooo!”