Bill O'Brien would not recommend 'Hard Knocks' to teams or coaches

We here in Houston knew long before the robo cameras invaded Bill O'Brien's office that he was going to hate being on "Hard Knocks."

Having been through it, O'Brien has had some more specific thoughts on what he didn't like about the experience. It came up last week when O'Brien usurped Brian Hoyer and replaced him with Ryan Mallett. Many (myself included) wrote about the conversation shown on 'Hard Knocks' in which O'Brien tells Hoyer he won't be on a short leash.

"Look, I’m not going down the road of 'Hard Knocks,'" O'Brien said last week. "To me, that’s the problem with 'Hard Knocks.' They have a two-minute conversation that maybe would be a half-hour conversation. They take one snippet out of it, talk about all the things that go into choosing quarterbacks and things like that."

This week, reporters in Tampa asked him about it again.

"Wow, that’s a loaded question," O'Brien said to laughter. "I think that there are two discussions there. First of all, the people that produce and direct 'Hard Knocks' – Matt Dissinger, the director, great guy – great group of people to work with. But the process of 'Hard Knocks,' I wouldn’t recommend that. No, I would not recommend that for a team or coaches.

"Just being mic’d up all the time and having cameras in your face all the time – that’s not something a football team is used to. Although, I think our guys handled it very well. It wasn’t a distraction; it was something that we handled very well, but it’s something that I don’t think you really need for a football team."