They wouldn't be the Santa Clara 49ers

I remember as a kid being confused when the Los Angeles Rams relocated their games to Anaheim. They were still the L.A. Rams, everyone said, but they would play their games in Anaheim.

The San Francisco 49ers are already headquartered 40 miles down Highway 101 in Santa Clara, so it's not such a stretch for them to play home games there in a new stadium.

The move would be quite a bit more convenient for the team. The proposed Santa Clara stadium site is within a few minutes' drive of the team's current facility.

The team would still call itself the San Francisco 49ers. The changes would affect two preseason games, eight regular-season games and no more than two postseason games in any given year. So, for at least 353 days in a typical 365-day year, nothing would change for the 49ers or their fans.

For some, having the team play its games in San Francisco is about more than commute times on game days. It's about tradition. I'm sure even some fans living in Santa Clara or San Jose would rather have the team continue playing in San Francisco. I went to Giants and 49ers games on occasion growing. Walking into The Stick with its faded orange seats and outdated support posts brings back memories even though I wasn't a fan of those teams. And I do value the great NFL moments that have happened there.

I also think having a competitive team playing in a top-notch new stadium would ease the transition for 49ers fans.

What is important to you, 49ers fans?