Has Andy Dalton's hairstyle change been the difference?

CINCINNATI -- OK, this isn't a fashion blog, it's a football blog.

But while chatting recently with Andy Dalton's wife, Jordan, for this story, we would have been remiss if we didn't get her opinion on the burning question currently dominating coffee-shop conversations across Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

How much has the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback's new hairstyle contributed to his career-best performance on the field?

"How much has his hair done what?" Jordan Dalton rhetorically asked between laughs.

Yes, it's a crazy question. But inquiring minds throughout Who Dey Nation want to know: Can any value be placed upon Andy Dalton's hip hairstyle change?

"None at all," according to Jordan Dalton.

"He has some crazy cowlicks and some kinks in his hair, so he has a hairstyle now that works with everything that he's got going on," she added. "I don't know if that's related to anything on the field -- I mean, maybe -- but he does look good."

Andy Dalton's days of standard, medium-low, even-length cuts are gone. In their place are days with a less conservative and more modern hairstyle that lies somewhere between fauxhawk and simple fade. There's something about that new tuft of hair teased into a spikier point on the top of his head that gives him more of an aesthetic edge. It's a nice edge, right Jordan?

"It is, it's a good 'do," Jordan Dalton said. "I had a little bit of encouragement, but he's pretty hands-on with his hair, too."

As the NFL universe keeps trying to figure out what suddenly has Andy Dalton looking like a legitimate MVP candidate, it's clear that his solid play has coincided with this one change in his appearance. Among quarterbacks with at least six starts this season, he leads the league in Total QBR, yards per passing attempt and passer rating. He's one of four with two or fewer interceptions and one of three with six or fewer sacks. He's also quarterbacking a team that's 6-0 entering this Sunday's showdown at division rival Pittsburgh.

Whether it's the hair or not, people around town are now noticing every little thing Andy Dalton does.

"I was talking to somebody and I was wearing my hat forward, and he said he couldn't see my face, so I put my hat backward," Andy Dalton said when asked during a recent news conference about the direction of a cap he was wearing. "Then I did my hair last week. I mean, there's just different ways to see this [face] right here."