Redskins LB Ryan Kerrigan says goal is to play against Patriots

Ryan Kerrigan underwent surgery on his right hand Monday but hopes he won't have to miss any time. Geoff Burke/USA Today Sports

ASHBURN, Va. -- Washington Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan once broke his left hand in college and missed only a few days of practice. He’s hoping history repeats itself.

Kerrigan underwent surgery on his right hand Monday, having screws inserted to repair a fractured bone. But he reiterated Tuesday that there’s a chance he could play in the Nov. 8 game at New England.

“That’s the goal,” he said. “If we were playing Sunday, it would be a stretch to play. But since we have two weeks, if things go according to plan I’ll be able to play.”

Kerrigan said he’ll have to wear protection on his hand, though he’s not yet sure what that will entail. Kerrigan will see the surgeon again next week to see what he’ll have to do -- and whether or not he’ll play vs. the Patriots.

In college, Kerrigan broke his hand in training camp and wore a big club that covered his entire hand. By the time the season began he had full use of his fingers.

That’s what he’s hoping for this time. He knows he must wear something, but he also knows he has to be able to use his fingers.

“It’s a big help to have that,” Kerrigan said. “Obviously I’d prefer not to wear anything, but that was the best of the situation.”

Kerrigan broke his hand in the first quarter of Sunday's 31-30 win over Tampa Bay. Kerrigan said he thinks he suffered the injury when he turned the corner and tried to swipe the ball from quarterback Jameis Winston.

"I rolled on it funny," Kerrigan said. "After that I knew something was wrong. I played a couple more plays. I tried to get down in a stance and fell forward because my hand just kind of fell."