NBA star Kevin Durant sees Cam Newton winning MVP, Super Bowl

ATLANTA -- Washington, D.C. native and 2014 NBA MVP Kevin Durant doesn’t hide his affection for the Washington Redskins: He has a tattoo on his right forearm to support his favorite team.

It was no surprise to see the Oklahoma City Thunder star all smiles prior to Tuesday night’s matchup with the Atlanta Hawks, knowing his 5-6 Redskins just knocked off the New York Giants (5-6) to take a slight lead in the NFC East.

"We’re winning the division and we just have to keep it up,’’ Durant told ESPN.com. "It’s a down year for our division, but the Giants, Eagles, and Cowboys could all pick it up the last few weeks of the season. We have to stick to this momentum and we’ll be fine.

"Either way, I still love my ‘Skins."

Durant loves the NFL, period. He offered his thoughts on everything from the MVP race to the best receiver to the Super Bowl champ.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Who is your MVP? "Cam Newton. It’s easy for you to say (Tom) Brady because he’s actually throwing the ball a lot. Cam, they have a really good defense and a really good running game, but he’s running the ball himself and he’s passing. They’re 11-0 and they’re playing great football; dominant football. And he’s the leader. Without him, they wouldn’t be who they are, so you’ve got to give it to him. Devonta Freeman is another guy who would be in the MVP conversation, but (the Falcons) lost a few games.’’

  • Who is the Rookie of the Year? "You’ve got Amari Cooper, and Jameis (Winston) is playing well now, too. (Jeremy) Langford is there from Chicago. But you’ve got to go with a quarterback. Jameis makes every throw. He’s not one of those guys you have to limit the package for. He’s going out there and controlling the offense. He’s had some huge wins in Atlanta, in New Orleans, Philly.’’

  • Who is the league’s top receiver? "I’m like the biggest Calvin Johnson fan there is, so you can’t tell me a thing about him. Antonio Brown is playing phenomenal football right now. (De'Andre) Hopkins is playing great football right now. But Julio (Jones) is just a game-changer. That’s who you have to put up there as the best receiver. Julio is the best right now. He’s got the combination of size, strength, athleticism, route-running, catching."

  • Who is the Defensive Player of the Year? "You’ve got to go either Josh Norman or Luke Kuechly. You don’t throw the ball to Norman. He’s looking like the best corner in the league. Kuechly’s got a couple picks himself and he leads them in tackles, I think. There are so many defenses players I probably haven’t watched as much, but you have to go with the Panthers.’"

  • Who will win the Super Bowl? "Carolina. They’ve just got the total package on both ends. Their linebackers are as quick as cornerbacks. Their cornerback is the best in the league. The offensive line has gotten better protecting Cam. They're running it well, and he’s passing it well. I just feel like they have it all."

  • Who is on your fantasy team? "My quarterback is Derek Carr. Devonta Freeman, but he hurt me this week because he was out with that concussion. Antonio Brown, Mike Evans, and Jordan Reed of the Redskins. My defense is the Jets. And I have Sebastian Janikowski as my kicker. Plus I have Marvin Jones. I have 1,084 points. Devonta is back this week, so he’s definitely going to get the start. I had Antonio Andrews from Tennessee in there before him. I’ve got a solid team. I’m 6-5 right now.''