Would Colin Kaepernick fit with the Rams?

Kaepernick's future in the NFL (3:15)

ESPN NFL Insider Mark Dominik breaks down teams that might be a good fit for Colin Kaepernick if the 49ers part ways with their QB. (3:15)

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- In looking at the St. Louis Rams' current and future prospects at the quarterback position, there doesn't appear to be any obvious solution.

Yes, the team has Nick Foles under contract and drafted rookie Sean Mannion in the third round this year, but Foles has proved he's not the answer right now, and Mannion is a ways off from even being in position to be fairly judged.

All of which is to say that quarterback can and should be a position of priority for the Rams once again this offseason. As Foles' case represents, teams are unlikely to let a legitimate starting quarterback leave either via trade of free agency. That leaves the NFL draft, which is also known for being something of a crapshoot, especially when it comes to quarterbacks.

But ESPN's Mike Sando and Matt Bowen offered a discussion Thursday on one quarterback who probably will be available and has had some success in his career. That would be the San Francisco 49ers' Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick is an interesting player in that he has the type of talent that has allowed for success in the past, but as defenses caught up to him he began to regress. To get back to success, it seems Kaeparnick would need to go somewhere with a run-centric offense.

In the piece, Sando mentions four teams with run-oriented offenses that also could have the need for a quarterback: Denver, St. Louis, Philadelphia and Buffalo. Bowen followed up by saying the Rams and Houston Texans would be logical fits for Kaepernick based on their approaches.

So would Kaepernick be worth a look for the Rams? He actually could. The Rams seemed to have patterned themselves after the Seattle Seahawks, a team with a run-focused offensive scheme that leans heavily on its defense. But the Seahawks have Russell Wilson, a quarterback capable of running around and making plays when things break down. Wilson also gives Seattle zone-read elements to its offense that the Rams simply don't have.

In that sense, Kaepernick might be worth a look, depending on the cost. Of course, if the Rams did pursue Kaepernick, they'd need to adjust the scheme to suit his skills. Making this topic even harder to project is the fact we don't know how many teams will be changing coaches and philosophies this offseason. If the Rams are one of them, it might mean Kaepernick isn't much of a fit.

But if nothing else, it's something to keep an eye on as the Rams again search for a long-term solution at the game's most important position.


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