2016 St. Louis Rams home and away opponents determined

The Rams' 19-16 loss to the 49ers Sunday placed them third in the NFC West and helped finalize their 2016 home and away opponents. The dates of each game will be determined in April when the full regular-season schedule is released.

Home opponents: Seattle Seahawks*, Arizona Cardinals*, San Francisco 49ers, Carolina Panthers*, Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, New York Giants (in London)

Away opponents: Seattle Seahawks*, Arizona Cardinals*, San Francisco 49ers, New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New England Patriots*, New York Jets, Detroit Lions.

My take: At first blush, this looks like a schedule that would be more conducive to a winning record than what the Rams saw in 2015, but that means a whole lot of nothing right now. Each season comes with plenty of surprises and projecting the next season based on the previous one is a fool's errand. Not to mention the fact that the Rams haven't proved capable of consistently winning games they're "supposed" to win under coach Jeff Fisher. Looking at the slate, there's a real chance that the Rams will meet both of this year's Super Bowl combatants at some point next season with teams like Arizona (twice), Carolina and New England dotting the schedule. The trip to London would have been more fun if it was Sam Bradford and the Philadelphia Eagles on the other side, but the Giants will have to do.