What do Chiefs do now that Doug Pederson is gone?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Doug Pederson was the Kansas City Chiefs' offensive coordinator and part-time playcaller for three seasons. Now he’s gone.

So how will the Chiefs cope without him now that Pederson has moved on to Philadelphia, where he will be head coach of the Eagles?

The Chiefs are losing a young coach in the 47-year-old Peterson, but one with a lot of NFL experience. Among that experience is 12 seasons as a quarterback.

"He demands a lot from his players," wide receiver Jason Avant said. "He’s a guy that can scheme up a defense pretty well. He knows the game. He’s played it, he’s coached it. That’s such a huge thing for a quarterback. It’s like putting his mind and all of his experience into his quarterback. When you’ve played this game it makes it a lot easier because you understand both sides."

Another common theme heard about Pederson around the Chiefs’ locker room is his ability to communicate. Perhaps because he is a former quarterback, players found his message easy to understand.

"For the most part, he’s a relatable guy," tight end Travis Kelce said. "Guys want to play for him. It’s hard to kind of describe that, but his character makes it easy to be yourself and go out there and do the things you have to do.

"The guy is brilliant. In terms of offensive minds, I don’t know how much better they get. He understands what defensive coaches want to present, he understands strategy and things like that."

Pederson was also a long-time associate of coach Andy Reid, having played for him while Reid was an assistant for the Packers and later head coach of the Eagles. Pederson then spent seven seasons as an assistant for Reid -- four with Philadelphia and three with Kansas City.

"He’s been with me a long time now, right?" Reid said. "He’s been with me ... when he was a player. Had an opportunity to coach him there. Then as an assistant coach and then as a head coach, I brought him to Philadelphia and then brought him back as a quality control coach. Just kind of learning the game there from the coaching side and then watch him grow and develop into what he is now ... I mean, how great is that?”