Texans running back Arian Foster can jog, but can't pivot or cut yet

HOUSTON -- No stranger to dispensing medical updates on his social media feeds, Texans running back Arian Foster posted a video on Tuesday of his doctor giving him an update.

"Today you start some light jogging," says the man wearing a Houston Methodist Hospital coat. "No pivoting, cutting, explosive activity. Strengthen all you want. Do your heel lift, elliptical, bike, jog. Surf. Maybe not surf."

You can hear Foster in the background of the video while the doctor ticks off the things he can't do. Foster says, "But I can jog?" and then makes an approving sound at the affirmative response.

"Cleared to jog ... back against the wall once again," wrote Foster on the post. "I live for s--- like this!!!! f--- "they", we out here dreamin!"

Since his injury in October, there's been plenty of speculation that Foster's career is in jeopardy. He told the Associated Press during the season that he plans to play in 2016. If he does play, it's unlikely to be with the Texans. Foster will count for more than $9 million against the team's salary cap next season unless they release him.

Foster suffered a fully torn Achilles tendon in the final five minutes of the Texans' 44-26 loss to the Miami Dolphins. The injury happened on October 25, and Foster had surgery to repair the injury a few days later.

It was his second significant injury in 2015. Foster tore his groin during the Texans first full contact practice on August 3 and had surgery for that injury four days later. After about a two month recovery period, Foster returned to the field, but he was not at full strength at first. He only played in four games during the 2015 season.