Roger Goodell: No PSI violations in 2015 spot checks; questions linger

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was a guest on the NFL Network/NFL.com "Rich Eisen Show" on Tuesday from Super Bowl 50, and as part of the interview, he was asked two questions as it relates to air pressure in footballs.

On if the NFL conducted a scientific test to measure footballs and PSI throughout this season: "No, Rich, what the league did this year was what we do with a lot of rules and policies designed to protect the integrity of the game, and that's to create a deterrent effect. We do spot checks to prevent and make sure the clubs understand that we're watching these issues. It wasn't a research study. They simply were spot checks. There were no violations this year. We're pleased that we haven't had any violations, and we continue the work, obviously, to consistently and importantly enforce the integrity of the game and the rules that are designed to protect it."

On if he has had any contact with Tom Brady: "My first obligation, as you know Rich, is to uphold the integrity of the game. That's to uphold the rules of the game and make sure all 32 teams are operating under the same rules, all players are operating under the same rules, and you do that on a consistent basis. I have great admiration for Tom. I know him personally. Obviously I respect his playing ability; he's an extraordinary player, a sure Hall of Famer and I have nothing but admiration for him. But I have to make sure that we continue to do the things that are necessary to protect the integrity of the game, and I will do that without compromise."

Goodell's answers still leave several important questions unanswered, which perhaps he'll be asked later in the week if members of the Boston media are given a chance by NFL staffers to ask him during his annual "state of the NFL" address.

For example: What are the exact measurements? How did the measurements vary from cold-weather games to warm-weather games? Will the league be sharing that data? Specifically, what did the league learn about the Ideal Gas Law as it relates to air pressure? What did the spot checks entail?