Eagles' Howie Roseman on Sam Bradford: 'We'd like to have him back'

PHILADELPHIA -- The Philadelphia Eagles have said the right things about keeping quarterback Sam Bradford. They just haven’t really said anything definitive.

That was true when new coach Doug Pederson talked about Bradford in January, and it remains true as executive vice president Howie Roseman addresses the quarterback situation in a February podcast on the Eagles’ website.

“We’ve all been clear that we like Sam and we’d like to have him back,” Roseman said. “It goes then between all of us and whether we can figure something out that makes sense on both sides.

“Sometimes we get in a situation where we sit here and it makes sense from a team perspective. But when you’re talking about a negotiation, it’s also got to work for the other side, and the player. We understand that. Hopefully, this will all work out and we’ll look at that depth chart when we line up in July and we’ll be really excited about the position.”

Asked about defensive tackle Fletcher Cox, Roseman was very clear in saying the Eagles intend to keep him for a long time. The negotiation may be complicated and take a little longer, but there’s no question that Cox is in the Eagles’ plans.

There seems to be little chance the Eagles will use their franchise tag on Bradford. If they were planning to do that, then Roseman would likely sound more committed to the quarterback. As it stands, the Eagles appear to be trying to keep expectations low, in terms of what they want to pay Bradford and in terms of fans’ expectations.

Clearly, the Eagles have to do something substantial at the quarterback position. Mark Sanchez is the only quarterback under contract (besides McLeod Bethel-Thompson, who was signed Thursday).

There have been reports and speculation about the Eagles trying to reacquire Nick Foles, who was traded to St. Louis for Bradford, or pursuing Kansas City backup Chase Daniel, who was coached by Pederson. There is also the possibility that the team will look to the draft for a quarterback.

“It’s our job as we run this team, as we help kind of put it together, to look at every option at that position,” Roseman said. “You sit in the office right now and there’s not a lot of names on the quarterback depth chart that are under contract right now. So we’ve got to look at every option, every possibility.

“They go from starting possibilities to backup possibilities to who’s going to be our third. We take four to camp. We’ve got one right now on our roster. We’ve got to bring quarterbacks in here. Every discussion that we’re having isn’t on the basis of who’s going to be our starter. It’s also who’s going to be here to compete and add depth at that position?”