After RG III signing, here are the best available quarterbacks

Colin Kaepernick might stay put given his price tag; Ryan Fitzpatrick is a free agent after a 10-win season. USA Today Sports

The Cleveland Browns' agreement with Robert Griffin III has further diminished the NFL's already weak group of available -- or even semi-available -- quarterbacks. Here's one rendering of the names that remain for the handful of teams still needing help.

1. Ryan Fitzpatrick

2015 team: New York Jets

Status: Free agent

Why he's available: At 33, Fitzpatrick appears to be seeking one final payday after helping the Jets to a 10-win season and finishing the season ranked No. 12 in Total Quarterback Rating (QBR). But the Jets, probably wisely, aren't looking to overcommit on a player who has played for four franchises in the past four years. They also have Geno Smith and 2015 draft choice Bryce Petty on their roster. Fitzpatrick is the classic Band-Aid quarterback who can run an offense for a team that has playoff aspirations.

2. Colin Kaepernick

2015 team: San Francisco 49ers

Status: Under contract through 2020

Why he's available: He has asked for a trade, and the 49ers have at least listened to offers from around the league. There's little doubt that Kaepernick has more natural ability than any quarterback on this list, and he is still only 28 years old. But his contract would pay him more than $15 million in 2016, a price that would have to change for any team to acquire him. Otherwise, he'll be back with the 49ers and new coach Chip Kelly.

3. Mike Glennon

2015 team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Status: Under contract through 2016

Why he's available: The Bucs are committed to Jameis Winston for the long term, and Glennon will be an unrestricted free agent after the season. He opened some eyes during 18 starts between 2013-14, throwing 29 touchdowns and 15 interceptions, and many believe he has a strong-enough arm and good-enough instincts to be a starter. It's no secret that he is available via trade, but it might require a second-round pick or more to get him.

4. AJ McCarron

2015 team: Cincinnati Bengals

Status: Under contract through 2017

Why he's available: He doesn't appear to be, at least at the moment, but that could change if someone offers the Bengals a major compensation package. McCarron was impressive in five starts last season, and while a good backup is rare in the NFL, it's also worth considering if his trade value would get any higher (assuming starter Andy Dalton remains healthy).

5. Brian Hoyer

2015 team: Houston Texans

Status: Under contract through 2016

Why he's available: The Texans signed free agent Brock Osweiler to a four-year contract that makes him their unquestioned starter. They could conceivably keep Hoyer as a $5.25 million backup, but that might not make sense if another team is willing to take on his contract. The downside here is that Hoyer is no young pup anymore. He's 30 and seems to have landed in that no-man's land between above-average backup and below-average starter. But even that backhanded compliment is better than what some teams have on their rosters.

6. Josh McCown

2015 team: Cleveland Browns

Status: Under contract through 2017

Why he's available: The Browns' acquisition of Griffin makes McCown expendable. He has managed to cash in twice on the free-agent market in the past two seasons, first with the Bucs and then the Browns, so we can probably assume there will be some interest this spring as well.

7. Mike Vick

2015 team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Status: Free agent

Why he's available: Vick hasn't played a full season since 2006, and his most recent stops with the Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers suggest he is nearing the end of his career -- if he isn't there already. But he still has interest in playing, saying recently he thinks he can get in one more year before retiring, and there are plenty of coaches who prefer a declining veteran quarterback over one who is unproven.

8. Johnny Manziel

2015 team: Cleveland Browns

Status: Free agent

Why he's available: Manziel could teach a course in how to submarine a promising career, and his ongoing personal challenges suggest he's nowhere close to being ready to join a team. He could also face NFL discipline for allegations of domestic violence toward his ex-girlfriend. But he's out there on that free-agent list, and you know there is someone out there who thinks he can be fixed.