Ezekiel Elliott's famous midriff style appears to violate NFL rules

Ezekiel Elliott will have to tuck in his jersey in the NFL just like everyone else. Matthew Emmons/USA Today Sports

We're happy for Ezekiel Elliott, his personal style and his firm commitment to displaying his six-pack abs. The world no doubt appreciates seeing his Dallas Cowboys uniform tailored to match his fashion ethos.

But Elliott's distinct look at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere, documented in the tweet below, isn't likely to be seen again. The NFL's long list of game-day uniform rules makes clear that the former Ohio State Buckeyes running back is going to have to wear regulation jerseys just like all the other schmoes in the league.

Here's what Rule 5, Section 4, Article 3, Item 2 of the NFL's 2015 rulebook says about jersey-related style statements. The relevant part is in bold for those of you who want to minimize your gobbledygook consumption this weekend.

"Jersey must cover all pads and other protective equipment worn on the torso and upper arms, and must be appropriately tailored to remain tucked into the uniform pants throughout the game. Tear-away jerseys are prohibited. Mesh jerseys with large fishnet material (commonly referred to as 'bullet-hole' or 'port-hole' mesh) are also prohibited. Surnames of players in letters a minimum of 2½ inches high must be affixed to the exterior of jerseys across the upper back above the numerals; nicknames are prohibited. All jerseys must carry a small NFL Shield logo at the middle of the yoke of the neck on the front of the garment. All fabrics must be approved by the League office prior to production."

Sorry, Zeke. It was fun while it lasted. But if you're like the rest of us, you would have been less interested in showing off those abs as you got older, anyway.