Mike McCarthy confident Rodgers-Nelson chemistry will come back

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Those back-shoulder fades that Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson made look so easy were the result of rep after rep on the practice field.

The same thing can be said for those deep shot plays they connected on so often.

There’s a reason Rodgers has thrown more touchdown passes to Nelson (45) than any other receiver he’s played with despite the fact that Nelson didn’t play a single game in 2015.

So if there’s concern about how long it will take Rodgers and Nelson to regain their chemistry after the Pro Bowl receiver missed all of last season because of a torn ACL last summer, there are a couple of ways to look at it: That they’ve played so much together it will look like they never missed a beat or that their connection is so heavily based on timing that they’re going to need every possible moment of training camp together to recapture it.

“I think we’re all confident, Aaron and Jordy included, that they’re going to get it back,” Packers coach Mike McCarthy said Monday. “It’s just getting back out on the field and getting the reps. You’re talking about two players that have, shoot, thousands of reps invested in their time together. Yeah, I have great confidence they’ll get that back.”

There’s no question Nelson and Rodgers have benefited from each other’s presence and, in turn, have been a boon for the Packers’ offense, but perhaps it’s not a given that they will pick up right where they left off.

Although Randall Cobb predicted this offseason it will “be like riding a bicycle” for Nelson and Rodgers, Nelson wasn’t taking anything for granted, especially since it remains unclear when he will practice in full for the first time.

McCarthy wouldn’t say on Monday whether Nelson would be on the field for Tuesday’s camp-opening practice.

“We’ll wait and see,” Nelson said this offseason. “I mean, I can’t sit here and say it’ll be an easy adjustment or we’ll have to make, you know. A couple years ago, I missed pretty much 90 percent of training camp and came back a week before the regular season and had a good year. I think our first game was at San Francisco, and I had over 100 yards.

“So, I mean, it’s there. I was in the meetings, I know everything. I think that’s a huge standpoint. I think just him getting comfortable again with myself, and vice versa. We have an extra week of training camp to figure that out, so we’ll be fine.”